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The Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle Bus
Mike has another unique idea.  He has a shuttle bus.  The bus runs at anytime the facility is open but specifically, the bus is intended to pick-up and drop-off patrons who are on a lunch or dinner break and may find it more convenient for the bus to be waiting outside the door than walk to their cars and drive.  The bus will also service nearby hotels where people who have nothing to do in an unfamiliar town may appreciate a good meal and/or the fine entertainment that Mike's offers.  Mike's offers free rides to anyone who wants one including those who don't want to drink alcohol.  Mike will pick you up at your home and bring you back when you're done if you'd prefer not to drive.  Again, this service is 100% free.

Scroll down to see how Mike himself singlehandedly transformed a plain white shuttle bus into the bus that Mike had in mind (please wait for images to load).

Karynsue Photoshoot
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